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1 Белецкий А. А. , Пахомов В. А. Experience Economy as a Strategic Vector of Tourism Development in the Primorye Region 4 1 2024
2 Тищенко Е. Б, Славянцев М. В. Strategizing the Interoperability between Scientific Thought Centers in Russia and Africa 3 4 2023
3 Тищенко Е. Б, Славянцев М. В. Cross-Country Coordination of Reindustrialization: Cooperation Potential between Russia and Egypt 3 2 2023
4 Кочемасова Е. Ю. , Кочемасов Ю. В. Feasibility and Effectiveness Assessment of Strategies and National Projects in the Context of Global Transformations 2 4 2022
5 Фадеев А. М. Strategy for Improving Procurement Efficiency in the Oil and Gas Complex: Foreign Experience 2 4 2022
6 Просеков А. Ю., Грицкевич Т. И., Леухова М. Г. Cognitive and Regional Identity as a Basis for Strategizing Innovative Academic Activities of Higher Education 2 3 2022
7 Пятаева О. А. Sectoral Innovation Policy as a Set of Strategic Tools and Mechanisms of Innovative Development 2 3 2022
8 Власюк Л. И., Чхотуа И. З., Хворостяная А. С. Strategic Opportunities of Libraries in the Era of Digitalization and Experience Economy 2 1 2022
9 Бодрунов С. Д. Noonomy as a Strategical Project 1 2 2021