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Vladimir L. Kvint, Editor-in-Chief, Foreign Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Life-time), Dr.Sc. (Econ.), Professor of Political Economy, Honored Fellow of Higher Education of the Russian Federation – the title was given by the President of the Russian Federation; Annual Lomonosov Prize in Science of Highest Degree; Public Award Economic Book 2022 for the monograph on the Strategy of Kuzbass in nine volumes; State Award of the Republic of Uzbekistan for Achievements in Science and Technology for the scientific monograph on the Strategic Leadership of Amir Timur: Comments on the Code; Holder of the Order of Alexander Nevsky for Contribution to Scientific Research and Education
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About the Journal

Strategizing: Theory and Practice is a peer-reviewed journal presents significant and essential scholarship in Theory of Strategy and Methodology of Strategizing. We publish authentic research articles that report theoretical, methodological, and research-to-practice studies in key areas of strategizing global, national, regional, and corporate development.

Strategizing: Theory and Practice is a breakthrough communication platform where scientists, politicians, entrepreneurs, and other stakeholders of innovation ecosystems can discuss various aspects of strategy, science, and technology strategies, thus creating technological, managerial, corporate, cultural, and social innovations. The Journal focuses on the strategic analysis of economic processes, competitive advantages of economic science, and strategic thought.

Our strategic aim is to contribute to the theory, development, and use of competitive advantages in process of strategizing. Our authors analyze the successful experience of strategic development in cities, regions, and industries. They also study competitive advantages of various successful enterprises, from industrial giants to small businesses.

Strategizing: Theory and Practice publishes authentic research articles, reviews, short scientific reports, news, and information summaries.


Strategizing: Theory and Practice welcomes submissions from scholars in all relevant research fields:

·         national and regional strategies;

·         sectoral, industrial, and corporate process of strategizing;

·         economic and mathematical methods in process of strategizing;

·         assessment of the social and economic efficiency of particular strategies;

·         strategizing of human potential;

·         innovative development strategies;

·         strategizing in times of crisis;

·         strategizing of creative industries.

Our target audience includes strategic leaders, senior and middle managers, scientists, engineers, economists, and practitioners in all industries, as well as specialists in digitalization, robotization, and other innovative transformations that improve the material, intellectual, and emotional quality of human life.

Our Editor-in-Chief is Professor Vladimir L. Kvint, Foreign Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Life-time), Doctor of Sciences in Economics, Prof. of Political Economy. Vladimir L. Kvint is a Head of the Department of Economic and Financial Strategy at the Moscow School of Economics and Director of Center for Strategic Studies at Lomonosov Moscow State University’ Institute of Mathematical Research of Complex Systems. Professor Kvint is an Honored Fellow of the Higher Education of the Russian Federation and Laureate of the Lomonosov Award for his studies of Theory of Strategy and Methodology of Strategizing.

We are proud to publish research based on Professor Kvint’s general theory of strategy and strategizing methodology. This innovative approach was developed at the Center for Strategic Studies, the Department of Economic and Financial Strategy (Lomonosov State University), and the Department of Regional and Sectoral Development Strategy (Kemerovo State University).

Strategizing: Theory and Practice welcomes submissions in Russian, English, and Chinese.

The Journal is financed by the Kemerovo State University and does not charge for submission, peer review, or publication.

All papers published in the Journal fall under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0). The online version of the Journal is published in open assess, which means that you are free to read, download, copy, forward, print, and make reference to the complete texts provided you mention the author’s name.

Strategizing: Theory and Practice follows the open access policy proclaimed by the Budapest Open Access Initiative to encourage knowledge sharing across the globe.

Strategizing: Theory and Practice is a quadrennial journal founded in 2021.

Our editors use the EDITORUM platform.

Our Founder, Kemerovo State University, is headquartered at 6, Krasnaya St., Kemerovo, 650000, Russia.

Mass media registration certificate: ПИ № ФС 77-80347ЭЛ № ФС 77-80739

International ISSN: 2782-2435 (print)2782-2621 (online)

Contact for cooperation:

Anna S. Khvorostyanaya, Ph.D. (Econ.), Assistant Professor at the Department of Economic and Financial Strategy, Moscow School of Economics, Leading Researcher at the Center for Strategic Studies, Institute for Mathematical Research of Complex Systems, Lomonosov Moscow State University.