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1 Белецкий А. А. , Пахомов В. А. Experience Economy as a Strategic Vector of Tourism Development in the Primorye Region 4 1 2024
2 Юматов К. В. , Метелица В. А. , Черданцев С. А. Strategizing the Development of Tourism and Hospitality Industry in the Guryevsk Area of the Kemerovo Region 3 2 2023
3 Чхотуа И. З., Мурадов А. А. Tourism Development in Modern Conditions: Global and National Trends 3 2 2023
4 Садовничая А. В. , Чхотуа И. З. Tourism, Industrial Exhibitions, and Trade Fairs in the Russian Far East: Strategic Assessment of the Potential for Development 3 1 2023
5 Чхотуа И. З. Strategizing of Russian Far East Tourism 2 3 2022
6 Чхотуа И. З., Власюк Л. И. Strategic Analysis of the Region's Competitive Advantages in the Context of Industrial Tourism Development 1 2 2021