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Strategizing of the Russian Far East Gas Industry: Systematization of Main Interests

ntroduction. The socio-economic development of the Russian Far East is one of the most important strategic directions of Russia, corresponding to the national interests and development vector. For this vector to be transmitted to the regional and sectoral level, it needs strategic opportunities, relevant in the context of multiple trends and limited resource base. Energy security includes reliable energy consumption and efficiency. It ensures the socio-economic progress of developing economies and emerging-market countries. The Russian Far East has accumulated enough scientific, technical, industrial, and production potential to use gas industry as a long-term driver of socio-economic development. The research objective was to analyze and systematize the main interest groups focused on the development of gas industry in the Russian Far East. Study objects and methods. The study was based on the theory of strategy and the methodology of strategizing developed by Professor V.L. Kvint, as well as on authentic methods of industrial strategizing. Results and discussion. The article introduces a concept scheme that illustrates the relationship between regional and sectoral gas strategies of the Russian Far East, as well as their place in the general system of strategies. The author systematized the main national, social, regional, industrial, corporate, and international interests. The analysis confirmed the long-term interest of the gas industry in the Far Eastern Federal District at each of these levels. Conclusion. In the Russian Far East, gas industry will establish strong vertical and horizontal relationships in the system of strategies, thus producing a multiplicative effect on the socio-economic development of the whole Far Eastern Federal District and its regions.
industrial strategizing , socio-economic development , the Russian Far East , interests , gas industry
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