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Methodology of Strategic Management of Coal Mining Enterprises in an Emergency Period

The article features the strategic management of coal mining companies in Russia under the current Western sanctions. The research objective was to identify the optimal methodological approaches and priority strategic measures that would ensure the sustainable long-term development of coal-mining enterprises affected by the sanctions. The authors identify the threats to coal mining enterprises caused by the sanctions, as well as their impact on the sustainable development of the mining industry. They compiled a list of strategic measures that could change the development strategy of coal mining enterprises in the context of external sanctions pressure. First, the logistics chains between the Eastern ports and the Asia-Pacific market should be reorganized. Second, coal mining enterprises should be technologically independent. Third, the interaction between the regional authorities and coal mining businesses requires new models. The article also proves the expediency of the strategic approach and methodological recommendations to managing the sustainable development of coal mining companies in the context of a long-term sanctions. The scientific and methodological apparatus of the coal mining strategic management is a promising scientific matter that requires a further analysis.
strategic management, sanctions, threats, sustainable development, long-term perspective, management strategy for coal mining companies, efficiency
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